The Mamba And Tri Nation Awards

The Mamba Riedel Decanter Awards  are now in their fifteenth year highlight the quality and value of Australian wine in the UK market, and are judged non-blind, with prices revealed, by members of the wine trade.

They are hosted and sponsored by Roger and Sue Jones, of the Michelin-starred The Harrow at Little Bedwyn in Wiltshire. Decanter is a supporter, along with glassware maker Riedel, drinks charity The Benevolent, Wine Australia and Jansz sparkling wine. Every year two specific grapes are chosen, in 2018 it was the turn of Riesling and Shiraz. Awards go to each grape category, with the winner receiving a Mamba Riedel Decanter, there is also The Yvonne May Memorial Decanter given to the best value wine, and the Decanter Trophy given to the best importer. There is no fee to enter the Awards and the after judging Reception, Dinner and Party are also provided free by Roger and Sue Jones. 

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          The Mamba Riedel Decanter Awards 

                      Tuesday 2nd  July 2019

                             2019 Categories are;  

          Australian Chardonnay  & Australian Pinot Noir 

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